This is a game that I have been wanting to play for awhile, I bought it a few months back and then it was just sitting and collecting dust. I finally decided that I would give it a shot. The Uncharted franchise is one of my favorite franchises and I felt some internal pressure to play this game as well.

I’m really over the whole Zombie craze and knowing the game is essentially about Zombies, I knew I would have to be in the mood to play a game like this. I am very glad that I did finally sit down and play through the game.

The story is pretty good or at least in opinion as good as it can be when a story is written about a Zombie apocalypse. The driving force of this game are the two main characters and most importantly the development of these two characters. You have an older gentleman named Joel who goes through a traumatic event right at the start of the game and Ellie who is a young girl. She is 14 years old and has gone through her own struggles. The two start out as Strangers but as the game moves forward, the two start to develop a bond.

I enjoyed the gameplay to an extent. The shooting is just like Uncharted, there is a lot less traversing landscapes and buildings and a lot more stealth. As I’m sure you’re aware, I’m not crazy about Stealth but this games stealth isn’t the worst thing. As long as you’re quiet you can move along and not have to worry about it too much.

My biggest gripe about the game is, it can start to feel repetitive towards the end. There is one particular “puzzle” where you need to escort Ellie across a body of water. She is unable to swim so you need to find a wooden pallet to escort her over the water. After about the first couple times doing that, I was kind of sick of doing it. It doesn’t happen too often but maybe 3-5 times in a single playthrough.

This is a very well made game but I do like the Uncharted series more. It comes down to personal preference but this is a darker game, it takes itself very seriously. It’s not a case where it takes itself so seriously that it has a stick up its ass but its a much more serious tone.

It is also important to note that I played this game on easy, I don’t play linear action-adventures for a challenging experience. It’s more to sit back, play the game and really enjoy the story.

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