I went into this game knowing that I was not going to finish it. I just wanted to experience the game and see what it’s about. Every year my friends and I get together and do an end of the year podcast. We just talk about our top 10 games of the year and I know this game is going to be the game of the year for 2 of them.

So I wanted to try this game and see why they like it so much. I enjoyed my time with the game but its just way too long for my taste. The game takes about 90-100 hours to beat and I prefer games that are around 30-40 hours. At least my RPG’s, I prefer them to be a bit shorter. A big reason for that is, I work about 45 hours a week. So during the work week, I only have 3-4 hours per night to play. That’s assuming I want to play a game every night. So during the work week, I can play for 15-16 hours. On the weekends I have more time but even then I typically don’t play games for than 12-15 hours on the weekends. So I game for 25-30 hours per week. That’s a lot of time for me to play my games but a game that’s 90-100 hours. That’s basically an entire month of me playing one game. I get burnt out before I ever get to end.

So my time with this game, I did enjoy. I played for about 20 hours and the story itself didn’t do a ton for me but I enjoyed the combat. I like Turn-based combat and looking for enemy weaknesses. Even though I did enjoy the combat, after about 20 hours. I started to grow bored of it. Knowing I had 70-80 more hours of the game. I decided to call it and really I accomplished my goal. I just wanted to experience the game and see what the fuss is about.

This game was not for and I went in knowing that but I always try to keep an open mind. If you’re into Japanese Role Playing Games then I highly recommend this one. It’s a well-made game that just too long for me.

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