As the title states, this is a game that I ask the simple of why? It’s not a terrible game but it just doesn’t seem to make sense as to why Nintendo feels the need to make this game. I get that with Mario that gives them a platformer, with Zelda they have a game in the  RPG genre, with Mario Kart they have a racing game. With Splatoon a couple years ago, they were finally able to get into the competitive shooting market and this game feels like its a fighting game mixed with Splatoon.

The big thing is, Splatoon is a very good game that nailed what it was going for where this just seems odd. Nintendo already has an incredibly successful fighting game, Super Smash Brothers. I just don’t know who this game was made for.

Not to mean but the Wii and Motion Controls were a fun gimmick but people are done with that. No one wants or cares about Motion Controls anymore. Especially in the fighting game genre where execution is the most important aspect of those games. This is the worst of both worlds.

I know it seems like I am rambling on about this game but I just want to make it clear that I just don’t understand why this game exists. Now don’t get me wrong with this game, it’s still fun but its a very shallow fun. If I played this game fore 5 hours, I don’t think I would ever want to play this game again.

Nintendo is capable of making games that are always going to be competing for Game of the Year honors but for every great game they make. There is a major miss and this is one of those misses.

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