I have never been a huge fan of 3D Fighting games, its just personal preference. I’ve always recognized Tekken as the staple 3D Fighter but got into the game too much or taken it very seriously.  This game is right on par with the rest of the franchise, it is a masterpiece.

I don’t see myself playing this game on a regular basis but if I were to get into a 3D Fighting game, this would be it. Adding Akuma such a smart decision because it helps bridge the gap between 2D Fighting game players and 3D Fighting Game players. I can’t fathom how they did it but doing the traditional 2D Fighting Game inputs doesn’t feel awkward nor does it look out of place. He just works so well in that game.

One of my favorite gameplay mechanics is the slow motion kill cam. It doesn’t happen often but basically what triggers it is if both players are low on health and they both push a button at the same time. If those criteria are met then the game slows down, zooms in and you watch the animation of the two attacks. It’s so exciting because it just ramps up the hype.

So to wrap things up, this is probably the best 3D Fighting Game of all time, it’s exciting and hype, it has a perfect character to help bridge the gap between 2D and 3D and finally its the best looking Fighting Game of the year. Fighting games are niche market but if you’re a fan of the genre then this is a must buy.

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