I have never played a Dark Souls game before so this seemed like a good chance to not only play a Dark Souls clone but a very well made Dark Souls clone. Except this one is based a little more in reality because the setting is Shogun Japan rather than Emo Edgelord.

I also learned that I don’t like this Genre because it’s just not for me. There is a steep learning curve that I just wasn’t willing to put the time in. For two major reasons, one I don’t like Stamina meters. It’s not really where I want to mash buttons but I prefer to block and be patient but the game punishes you for blocking or dashing or attacking by lowering your stamina for everything. To me, the game felt less like playing a game for fun and more meter management.

From what it seems, its a very well received game but its just not for me. I’m glad that I’m trying all of these games and learning what I like and don’t like. This is an RPG but its a very specific RPG that just doesn’t fit the way that I play games.

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