Tom Clancy Ghost Recon

Do you find jokes with no-punchline but have a ton of profanity funny? If yes, then this is the game for you. “Hey, f*ck stick” is an example of what the NPC’S are saying while you play this game. There is another instance where 2 NPC’s are talking about another NPC’s gigantic penis.  Its constantly being bombarded with non-jokes that do start to get annoying.

Luckily for me, I played with a couple friends and we just had our party chat as we were going through missions so I was able to zone a lot of the stuff out. The game is a third-person shooter but it feels like a painfully average third-person shooter. There is nothing too special about this game and the only time I had fun with it was when my friends and I were just “dicking” around.

We would try to run each other on vehicles, we learned that you can’t shoot your friends but you can kill them via grenade. So at the most inconvenient time, my friends would kill (or vice versa). So yes, I did have fun playing this game but that was more because I was hanging out with friends rather than the game itself.

This is a game that I can not recommend to anyone. There are better games out there.


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