For Honor

I have never had more fun with a Beta in my life. I kind of feel bad about it because I spent so much time playing the Beta that by the end of the Beta, I was getting sick of the game. Keep in mind, I played this Beta for over 25 hours so I definitely got my “money’s worth.”

This is a very fun game for probably about 20-25 hours. Basically its a one-on-one (sometimes one-on-multiple) sword combat game. You have Vikings, Samurai, and Knights and they’re fighting one another. My go-to and my favorite class was the Viking Warlord. He’s a very defensive unit, it’s a character that’s about patience and waiting for the opponent to make a mistake and then making them pay. Essentially he has a sword and shield so its block and then attack.

The way the combat works is very simple, you have 3 options to attack. You can either attack from the left side, the right side or an overhead attack and you chose with the right joystick. For block its the same idea, you either block left, right or up. The game does do a good job of telegraphing how the opponent is going to attack but you do have to have good reactions because people do switch up their attacks fairly quickly.

Altogether it is a fun game and its fun experience and I wish I didn’t play the Beta so much because I probably won’t get the game now. I feel kind of bad about it but I will look back on this weekend with fondness.

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