Lets say in a theoretical setting , I somehow end up on a Desert Island by myself. All I have is a working Television and a Super Nintendo. So its begs the question, what 5 games would I want with me. With Desert Island game you don’t want to just pick your 5 favorite games.  You want variety in the gameplay but also games that have replay value.

Okay, lets start the list off:


Number 5). Final Fantasy VI (III)

I have a confession to make, I have never played a Final Fantasy game so obviously I haven’t played this one either. I’m fairly confident that I would not like the new Final Fantasy games, I know myself well enough to know that those are not my kind of games. The reason I’m considering this one is because the older Final Fantasy games are not as anime and they’re more “medievally” with magic.

Not to mention that it would be nice to have an RPG where I can mindlessly level up and grind for hours. Out of all the SNES games out there, this seems like it would be the best for that.

*I was also considering Chrono Trigger but settled on this.


Number 4). Super Mario Kart

Mario Kart games are probably my favorite racing franchise. It’s just a really solid franchise that consistently produces great games and this game would definitely scratch my racing itch.

I know this is a game franchise that benefits more by playing with others but if I’m going to have a racing game, this would be the game I would want. Sure you could argue that games would get boring after awhile but you could make that argument with a lot of games and I personally really enjoy playing racing games.

*I was also thinking about Top Gear.


Number 3). Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers

I would want a Fighting Game on the island with me. Sure I would have to fight the computer but it’s one of those genres where there is an infinite amount of depth. With every match there is something to learn and improve on.

If I’m going to have a fighting game, why not have the most iconic fighting game franchise out there? Also if I ever did get back to the main world, playing Street Fighter II on a regular basis would improve my footsies and I could potentially become a great Street Fighter player.

*I was also thinking about Mortal Kombat


Number 2). Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest

If you’re going to have a Super Nintendo with you, I think its hard not to want at least one of the iconic 2-D platformers of that generation. For me, I would want to go with the “best” one and thats Donkey Kong Country 2. This is a game that has cool monkeys, great sound track and innovative stages.

Not to mention, a lot like Street Fighter, I could become a world class speed runner of this game. Speed runs are such a cool concept but I never want to put the time into 1 game. In a scenario where I have a lot of free time and nothing else to do, yes I could learn to speed run this game.

*It was between Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario World


Number 1). The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

The undisputed best game from the Super Nintendo. There is no other way to describe this game, its incredible and honestly, its the only Zelda game I like. But if you’re going to like a Zelda game, this is the one to like.

This is a game that I could learn to speed run but I wouldn’t want to play that way. I would want to take my time, slowly get more life and learn the ins and outs of the entire game. I would know every secret about this game and probably end each game with maxed out hearts.

*There was no doubt, this game was on the list.

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