This was my first experience with a Borderlands game and I must say that I was very impressed with the game. I have played Tales from the Borderlands so I I had an idea of some of the “lore” and I recognized a couple of the characters. I didn’t know a lot about the gameplay itself,  all I really knew was the game is a first-person shooter.

As it turns out the game is a First Person Shooter with a leveling up system that is very similar to an RPG. With every time your character levels up, there is a skill tree that you can apply upgrades to. These upgrades can be, your guns do more damage, your guns are more accurate, more ammo for the guns, your character will have more health and many others. That can all change, depending on your character type/class.

As I said earlier, I wasn’t too familiar with Borderlands franchise so I didn’t know what class I should chose. I glanced over the few options and ended up taking the more basic shooter class which is the commando class. I just figured the commando just seemed like a very  straight forward shooter and since I didn’t know what I was doing, it just seemed like the safest option. In total there are six classes and they all have their own unique ability. I didn’t mess around with any of the other characters so I’m not sure what their special ability is but I can say with the commando class, you’re given a turret. The turret kind of works like a Torbjorn’s turret in Overwatch, you can’t hammer it and level the turret up or repair it. But it is a special ability where you throw down the turret, it shoots until its destroyed and then you have to wait “X” amount of time until you can spawn another one.


The game also has an upgradable gun system as well. It’s not a case where you equip items with a gun and make the gun better but instead, you upgrade your gun by accumulating and finding better guns. The guns are level locked so you may find a level 15 gun and what that means is, you can not use that gun until you reach level 15.

Where I think this game really hits its mark is with the online multiplayer and what I like about it is, it’s not competitive but rather an online co-op experience. This is a great way to play the game, just talk talk to a couple friends and convince them to get the game too (I think you can have up to 4 in a party). If you’re not into co-op games at all, you can certainly play through this game by yourself. I played through the entire story by myself  and the only multiplayer I did was the DLC.What is also nice about this collection is, the DLC is built right into the game. There is no additional charge or download. Its just built right into the game.

With that all being said, I do have a major gripe with this game and that’s the characters in the game and the overall story. I didn’t find anyone overly that likable in the game and honestly, most are kind of annoying. The developers were certainly going for a very specific type of humor and it just fails miserably. Maybe I just think that way because I’m a little older, I’m in my mid 20’s so a lot of that humor just doesn’t work on me.

It didn’t end up bothering me too much because I was able to completely immerse myself in the game and zone out all of the little annoyances. So when I was initially going through the game, I was trying to pay attention to the story and the characters but after a couple hours I realized that it was not interesting nor was it funny so I started to zone that out. I can not tell you much about the story. There is A guy named Handsome Jack, he’s the main villain (he’s the head of the evil corporation) and you have to bring him down. That’s all I can really tell you.


One thing that is very refreshing about this game is, the map itself is very large and there is a lot of variety as well. There are snow areas, there are desert areas and pretty much everything in between. Not to mention, if you enjoy level grinding for hours this game has a ton of side missions.

It all depends on the game, whether I will want to level grind or not. This is game that I didn’t mind mindlessly grinding for hours because the side missions were fun and there is a reason to as well. The bosses in the game are basically bullet sponges and so the higher level you are, the easier it is to deal with. To give an example, I fought one boss (and this was before I decided to level grind for a couple nights) and I depleted the bosses health to half but at that point, I completely ran out of ammo.That boss ended up taking over an hour because I had to wait for the game to randomly spawn NPC’s. I would then have to run around and kill the NPC’sand hope they would drop some ammo. I would then run around picking up the ammo, run off and hide, reload the gun and dump the “X” amount of bullets in the boss. After that, I decided to spend the next couple nights playing through side missions and just level up so that wouldn’t happen again. After that, I went up about 10 levels and then going through the rest of the game was a kind of a breeze.

I know this is an older game that many people have already played but if you haven’t given Borderlands a try, The Handsome collection is definitely worth it. You get Borderlands 2, all of the Borderlands 2 DLC and the Pre-Sequel game. I haven’t had a chance to play the pre-sequel yet but that doesn’t matter because it was worth buying the game for Borderlands 2.

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