As of right now, my main Game of the Year contender is Yooka-Laylee, there is something about Banjo-Kazooie that just makes me happy. The reason I bring up Yooka-Laylee because although that is my predicted Game of the Year, Sea of Thieves is one of the games that I believe could beat it. The big problem with Sea of Thieves is,  we don’t know a lot about it. So I thought it would be fun to talk about what I would like to see out of this game.

So what we do know about this game? First off, Its about Pirates and that right there has me sold. The game is also being developed by Rare and if you look at Rare, they have consistently made great games. Looking through the list of games that they developed, I only see 1 game that I can point to and say, “Yes, that’s a bad game” (in case you’re wondering that game is Killer Instinct Gold). Going back to Sea of Thieves, we also know its a multiplayer cooperative game so its basically a cooperative pirate game made by Rare. To me that’s sounds like recipe for success.


Before I go into the game what I want to see in the game, here’s an interesting little tidbit about Pirates. A Pirate ship is one of the truest forms of democracy. Captains were an elected position by everyone in the crew and also the crew had a say in where the ships was going and what the ship would attack.The reality is, as a Pirate Captain you are always at risk of a mutiny so you had to go along with the crew. The reason we think of Pirate captains as being a supreme leader is because Captains had supreme power was in the heat of battle. Since this is the only time an average person would encounter a Pirate crew, this is all they saw. Also all of the gold and riches were divvied up among the crew, this wasn’t really communism where it was an equal split. It was more divvied up by rank and the people at the top got a little bit more but keep in mind the people at the bottom still got a “fair” share.

I could go on about Pirate history for an entire article so I am having to stop myself from continuing to talk about this.I don’t know what it is but the golden age of piracy is one of my favorite time periods to read about. So there’s a little fun Pirate fact of the day and now we’ll get back to talking about video games.

Since we know this game is going to be a cooperative multiplayer experience, I would like the ability to go online and form a crew with friends. So initially you would start out with a very basic level 1 pirate ship. As you go through objectives and missions, you’ll collectively as a group accumulate an in game currency where you can then use that money to level up your ship. Whether that’s to level up your cannons so they shoot faster, further, do more damage or maybe to level up your sails so you move faster. There could also be new ships you can buy that are better than the previous one.  So essentially the entire point of the game is to play it so you can upgrade your ship.


I’d also would like to see an RPG element of leveling your own individual self as well because why not? There is something enjoyable about playing through a game and leveling your individual character and making them stronger. Maybe have a little Borderlands in there where you’re leveling yourself up and getting better weapons in the process. This could also work in the single player and multiplayer. If you want your character to be stronger in the multiplayer, you can grind through the single player game and level up that way.

I imagine this game to be an online open world game where there is a main story but there are a lot of side quests and this is something you can chose to do with your crew online or just by yourself in the single player. Either way, you’re going through missions and accumulating money for your ship but also leveling yourself up. But it could almost be a little historically accurate where your pirate crew is choosing what to do next.

Lastly, since this game is going to be online. I think it would be cool if you were to encounter other crews while sailing to a mission. But not sailing and seeing there is another crew but getting the choice of whether you would like to fight them or not. Just have a little prompt that pops up and asks if you want to fight or not. If both parties say, “yes” then its battle time. So now everyone would have to man their stations and so you would have a couple people controlling the cannons, some people are left to defend the ship and then the remaining go over board to the other ship.


Obviously for this to work the game would have to have a good combat system but this is where leveling up your character and ship are important. The difficult part of an idea like this is, how much do you get if you win and how much do lose when you lose. You don’t want to lose too much because then it wouldn’t be very beginner friendly so I’m thinking if you lose a battle then you’re crew loses 5-10% of your loot. Something small enough that its not game breaking if you lose but you still enough that you reward the winner.

I do want to point out that what I am talking has not been confirmed and there is a chance that everything I have talked about won’t be in the game. I just wanted to talk about what I’d like to see out of this game. A date for this game has not been announced yet, all we do know is that the game is coming out in 2017 and the game is going to be an XBOX One/PC exclusive.

As a complete side note, check out this awesome music video that Rockit Gaming made about this game. The tune is so catchy that I had to put in this post.


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