One thing I like to do when it comes to writing these reviews is to sit back and think about the game for a little while. I actually wrote a review earlier about Shovel Knight but I chose not to post it because it was more of a rant than an actual review of the game. The reason for this is because if I had to pick a word to describe this game, I would have to say frustrating.

I am not saying this is a bad game but it’s not the game that I hoped it would be. I am very picky when it comes to 2D platformers, I’m not a huge Mario or Mega Man fan. The series I always preferred growing up is the Donkey Kong Country series. The physics engine in Donkey Kong Country is different than any other 2D platformer so I often times have a hard time adjusting to new platformers.

The developers of Shovel Knight, Yacht Club Games deserve a lot of praise for this game. If you’re a fan of the Mega Man series then you will love this game. For me, those games are very punishing and hard for me to enjoy. When I would finally sit down and play this game, I could only play for an hour at a time because I would find myself getting frustrated. The problem with getting frustrated in a game like is as you get more frustrated and you end up taking more risk which causes you to die more. Then the frustration levels will continuously get higher. So if you’re like me where you find yourself getting frustrated rather easily this is may not be the game for you.

Some of you may be wondering what was the cause of this frustration. For me, one of the biggest problems I have with platformers is I like to be constantly in motion so usually, I’m running as much as possible. So when I encounter an enemy, I like to hit it once and keep moving on. This game, you would often times have to hit an enemy multiple times before taking them down. So for me personally, I would have to stop running and then hit the enemy 5 times before they go down. I know it may not sound like a big issue but it’s taking away my favorite part of platformers.


The other major issue is if you want to keep momentum,  you need to know and memorize each map or stage. The only way to do that is by playing through the stage several times and kind of learning the ins and outs of each stage.So I often times don’t enjoy a Platformer the first time I play it. I know that may sound odd but I guess that is something I need to work on. Go in with a different mindset, instead of saying “I’m going to play this game, maybe say I’m going to learn this map”. Maybe that way, I won’t get as frustrated when I die a lot.

I do want to mention that I did get a chance to go back and replay a stage. There was an unfortunate incident with my PlayStation where out of the blue it just crashed.It kind of sucked because I had just completed a stage and then all of a sudden, the system just shut off. This was not a gameplay issue where the game crashed this was a weird incident where my PlayStation just shut off. So when I finally replayed the level, I will admit it was much easier playing through the level again but I can’t say that it was any more enjoyable for me.

My favorite part of the entire game was the boss battles, I just had a lot of fun fighting the bosses and devising a strategy to defeat each individual boss. I found myself wanting to get through the platforming aspect of the game to get to the “fun” part for me which were the boss battles. All the bosses were unique and required a different strategy to take them out.

I know, I haven’t done a great explaining why I didn’t like this game and I can honestly say that I don’t know why I didn’t like it. It’s just one of those games where all the signs point to the fact that you should like this game. Its a genre you like, its well made, it reviews well but for one reason or another you just don’t like it. I think we’ve all been there when it comes to a video game.

All in all, the game feels like it was designed for fans of the Mega Man series.Which is exactly how the game was marketed and I think that’s great because fans of that series deserve another good Mega Man game. I decided that I’m not going to rate this game because I don’t think its fair to give it a rating. I think it’s a great game that I just didn’t like.

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