I played a lot of games and it probably works out to around 100 games. I didn’t do a great job keeping track of every game I played but I do know for a fact that I played and beat 52 games this year. I thought it would be a fun thing to rate each game that I beat from 1st to 52nd.

1st). Ratchet & Clank: It doesn’t do anything spectacularly but does everything extremely and I don’t have any complaints.

2nd). Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End: The story is great, graphics are great and feature some of the best characters. Game play is a little iffy.

3rd). Far Cry 4: I love the Game play and Pagan Min.

4th). Rise of the Tomb Raider: Probably the best gameplay of the year and Laura is perfect. Everything else is pretty average.

5th). Tales from the Borderlands: I have hard time choosing which story is better, Uncharted or This. They do get a bump for having Patrick Warburton as a voice actor.

6th). Street Fighter V: Its not a good game but its good game. I don’t know what else to say.

7th). Overwatch: Great game, unique characters but it is an online First-Person shooter.

8th). Civilization V: This the perfect game to sit back, relax and turn on the TV and play.

9th). The Wolf Among Us: The Story is so good.

10th). Tomb Raider (2013): The evolution of Laura is what does it for me in this game. Plus the game mechanics are great too.

11th). Doom: Its non stop action, very satisfying but the story is kind of bland

12th). Pokemon X/Y: Hands down my favorite Pokemon game.

13th). Banjo-Kazooie: The game of my childhood but its hard not recognize what its lacking.

14th). Uncharted 2: Among Thieves: It improve on the original a lot.

15th). The Walking Dead: Season 1: The story was so good, it made me cry but I only like Lee and Clementine.

16th). Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception: It’s not a bad game but that desert scene is too long.

17th). Batman: Telltale Series: I loved the Wayne family story arc.

18th). Donkey Kong County: This was one of my first games growing up. It still makes me happy.

19th). Mafia 2: This was a very pleasant surprise, very underrated game.

20th). Uncharted: Drakes Fortune: Good game but its hands down the worst of the 4.

21st). Super Mario 3D World: Hands down the best Wii U game.

22nd). Game of Thrones: Telltale Series: Its very obvious that your choices don’t matter but still an interesting story.

23rd). Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor: The gameplay is great, I love the enemy ranking up system when you die but the final boss and the story are not good.

24th). Dragon Age Inquisition: This was my first “traditional” RPG and I had a ball playing it.

25th). Rome Total War: I still like this game but I don’t like having to recapture territory because of rebellions and revolutions.

26th). Pokemon Sun: The new Pokemon are great but I do have my issues with the story and the unskippable cut scenes.

27th). Life Is Strange: Playing around with time is interesting but the fact that I didn’t like Chloe Price at all, hurts the overall game.

28th). Infamous Second Son: This is just a fun game.

29th). Mortal Kombat X: I like NetherRealm games but I don’t like holding a button to block.

30th). The Order: 1886: Very short but its action packed and a decent story.

31st). Far Cry Primal: Taming wild animals is fun but there is no story or interesting characters.

32nd). Pokken Tournament: Its fun for a little while but I’m not crazy about the gameplay.

33rd). Batman Arkham City: It just felt like a very average video game.

34th). Batman Arkham Asylum: The Scarecrow sequences are cool but it is just a stealthy 2-D platformer sequence.

35th). Rock Band 4: There is nothing new about Rock Band 4 but its still fun.

36th). Murdered Soul Suspect: I really enjoyed the story but the gameplay mechanics had some issues.

37th). Batman Arkham Origins: This was my first Arkham game, not as good as the others but has great Boss Battles

38th). Pokemon Snap: There is something about this game that I’m drawn to.

39th). The Banner Saga 2: I rushed through this game so I could finish it in time. I do want to go back through and actually play it.

40th). The Banner Saga: Same exact situation as Banner Saga 2.

41st). Super Mario Bros Wii U: I’m a big fan of 2D platformers.

42nd). Lego City Undercover: This is probably going to go down as the best Lego game I’ve ever played.

43rd). Table Top Racing: It was a free PlayStation Plus game and it was pretty good.

44th). Roller Coaster Tycoon: I don’t think this game aged well.

45th). Gone Home: Its an interesting story but there isn’t much more you can say about this game.

46th). Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty: Its a fun/short adventure.

47th). Pokemon Silver: Its hard going back to old Pokemon games.

48th). Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China: Its a fun stealthy, 2D platformer.

49th). Agatha Christie: ABC Murders: I liked the story but didn’t like how it was told and definitely didn’t like any of the game play mechanics.

50th). Lego Marvel Superheroes: I don’t think I’m a big Lego fan.

51st). Lego: The Hobbit: Look above.

52nd). NHL 17: I knew this game was going to be bad but I bought it anyways and its my biggest regret of the year.

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