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The more I thought about Ratchet and Clank, the more I realized that this game almost perfect and has everything that I like in video games. I’ll go into more detail about it but it has a likable main character, likable side kick, leveling elements, purposeful collectables, an interesting story, platforming, graphically it looks great, it has puzzles, a believable villain, fun side missions and its even narrated.



  • Ratchet is the main character, he’s a fun character to play as, you get to run around shoot evil aliens and ultimately save the world from being destroyed. You do get a lot of guns that you can use and it gives you variety through out the game.
  • Clank is the games side kick and he’s a cool robot. He does have his own levels that are uniquely different from the Ratchet levels.
  • Captain Qwark might be my favorite character from the game. I don’t know what it is but as the game wore on, he just reminded me of Zap Brannigan from Futurama. Qwark is less into the ladies but they’re personalities are so similar.
  • The game might now have the best story of the year but its still an interesting one to see this little creature have these hopeful dreams of the future. Have them be crushed by not being allowed into the Galactic Rangers to eventually finding a way in. Once he’s in, that sends Qwark down a path where he eventually works with the villains. Ratchet then has to defeat Qwark and then the games main villain.
  • For me, its less of the story itself but rather how its narrated. There is an actual narrator (which is Captain Qwark) and he’s telling the story as your playing through the game.
  • Worlds, the game doesn’t have a lot of worlds but the ones they do have are all very unique. There is a desolate wasteland, a huge metropolis, a city built around water and there is even volcanic/fire stage. There is enough variety to keep the game fresh.
  • Although the games leveling up mechanic is very basic, it works well. You level up your guns and by doing so, the guns get better. Often times the guns just have more ammo, do more damage and maybe they’ll shoot faster. Its really easy to level up as well, you just simply use the guns and they level naturally.
  • The games main collectible is Nuts and Bolts, you can spend those nuts and bolts and a few different things but its generally best to save them so you can purchase new and better weapons.
  • There are a few different puzzles in the game as well, they’re more basic and easier puzzles but one in particular it took me longer than I would like to admit.
  • As much fun as it was to play through the story, some of the side missions were great. There was one where you had to collect a bunch of brains from alien species and once you had them all, take them back to this weird guy who gives you something. There was also a hover boarding race that I had a lot of fun competing in.
  • Lastly, I want to talk about the graphics. I love the way this game looks, its colorful, cute and it looks like Disney Pixar movie.


  • I had to really think hard about what I disliked about this game and I guess one of them is the length. If you just play through the story mode and don’t do a lot of the side missions or don’t go around exploring then the game takes maybe 12 hours. If you’re a completionist and want to get that Platinum trophy then it should take you at least 30 hours to do everything. I know compared to a lot of games thats still not a lot but its short enough to keep it from getting repetitive.
  • If I’m going to be really nit picky, some of the Clank levels were not the most fun and it almost felt like they were forced filler moments.

I will in no way say this is a perfect game, I do think its close. When it comes down to it, I do think Uncharted 4 has a better story and Tomb Raider has better game mechanics but those two games flaws kind of brought them down. This allowed Ratchet and Clank to rise to the surface and claim the top spot. It doesn’t hurt that it is a fun platforming game that reminds me of Banjo-Kazooie. As good as Banjo-Kazooie is, I think this game is better and I hope this starts a resurgence of 3-D Platformers because they’ve died off a bit.

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