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  • Game 10: Pokken Tournament
  • Game 9: Far Cry primal
  • Game 8: Pokemon Sun/Moon
  • Game 7: Batman Telltale Series
  • Game 6: Doom
  • Game 5: Overwatch


4). Street Fighter V

I played this game more than any other game this year. I like fighting games, they’re extremely rewarding and I have to set the record straight that this is a good game.


  • The gameplay is outstanding. The game plays well and its the best looking Street Fighter game ever made.
  • For a vanilla game, this game is extremely balanced. People complain about Chun Li but she’s not that great.
  • One annoyance with fighting games can be that you spend hundreds of hours learning a character and then over night a company can nerf your character. Now everything you learned is useless, Capcom didn’t do that. They had very few balance patches and it looks like they’re going to be doing 1 yearly, balance patch.


  • Fighting games are made to be competitive 2 player games. With that being said, single player is still important and this game has very little single player content. Also for Christ sake, throw in a god damn Arcade mode just to shut people up.
  • This game was designed to be played online which is fine and great but they’re online servers are not the best. So thats not a great game design.

3). Rise of the Tomb Raider

I know this game technically came out last year but I’m counting it because it was released on PS4 this year and that was my first chance to play the game.


  • Laura Croft, shes a bad ass, shes tough, she’s motivated, shes very pretty but overly sexualized and she’s also British.  This is how I want to see women represented in video games.
  • Its hard not to compare this game to Uncharted and it has some better game mechanics than Uncharted. I like that is more exploration, there is meaning to collectables and its nice to have a crafting/leveling up system. Those little things are what make Tomb Raider a better video game.
  • Probably the second best graphics I saw all year. The only game that looks slightly better is Uncharted.


  • The Villains aren’t awful in the game but they’re just kind of cookie cutter. Insert stereotypical villain and thats what you get with this game.
  • I don’t like to say that the story is bad but its just not as good as Uncharted.

2). Uncharted 4

I played this game in July and I just knew that this game was the undisputed game of the year. Then Rise of the Tomb Raider came out and as I played that, I started to think about Uncharted and Tomb Raider just has better gameplay. Tomb Raider made me think about Uncharted for what it really is, a great game but it does have its flaws. With that being said, its still the best Narrative I have ever seen in a video game.


  • The story is all about Pirates. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I like Pirates.
  • I like all of the main characters in this game; Sully, Elena, Nate and Sam wears on me. I think Sully maybe my favorite side kick in all of video games. He takes a step back in this game but he’s still apart of it and thats all I wanted.
  • Every time I talk about Uncharted 4, I will have to bring up that epilogue. Its so good, it makes so happy.


  • I did this with Tomb Raider earlier, its hard not to compare the two. The game mechanics of Tomb Raider make realize what this game is missing.
  • It feels too long, some people wish the game was entirely shorter. I would be okay if an hour was taken off of the gameplay and they added another hour of cut scenes.

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