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Day 2 of the top 10 games of 2016.


7). Batman: The Telltale Series

I have already talked about this game. If you want to find out more, click here. There is something refreshing about Telltale games, the formula is the same but the stories are different. Its nice to sit back and relax sometimes.


  • A narrative graphic-adventure better have a good/interesting story and this one does.
  • The game isn’t just about Batman, the game is about Bruce Wayne and Batman. Its nice to see Bruce Wayne get a chance to take some of the spot light.
  • I’m not going to say the Joker isn’t in the game but he only makes a small appearance which is nice because I’m sick of seeing the Joker in everything.


  • The game has some serious inexcusable frame rate issues. Telltale needs to figure out whats causing it and how to fix it for the next game.
  • It feels like it may be the shortest Telltale Game, they need to figure out how to make the game longer.

6). Doom

I typically don’t do a lot of research when I’m buying or renting games. I typically just look at Metacritic scores and try to pick games with higher ratings and this is exactly what I did with Doom. I knew it was a First-Person Shooter but thats all I knew.


  • How do you talk about Doom and not bring up the music? Its so good and when the heavy guitar riffs start, you know shit is about to go down.
  • I know this sounds kind of stupid to say but the shooting just works. When you make a First-Person shooter or just shooting game in general, the shooting better work well and it just does. I never had a single situation where I died because of poor shooting game mechanics.
  • The simplicity of the gameplay is nice as well, for the most part the game doesn’t try to over extend itself. You walk into an area, heavy rock music starts playing, you shoot and kill all enemies. There’s no ambiguity, just kill enemies.


  • Although there is a story, it was a bit simplistic and nothing really unique about it.
  • I hated the level where you had to vertically platform yourself up to Hell. First off, it doesn’t make a lot of sense why you have to go up to go to Hell but I’m just not a fan of First-Person platforming. I died more on this level than any other level.

5). Overwatch

If you’re a fan of online First-Person shooters, then Overwatch is the perfect game. Its easy to understand and has the accessibility where anyone can hop into the game and start contributing almost immediately. But it also has enough depth that its a very entertaining game to watch competitively. Its the perfect balance of the competitive scene and the casual scene.


  • Lately it feels like all First-Person shooters are the same, enter a lobby, go into the match, kill people, get points and which ever team has the most kills wins. That’s not Overwatch, you have to not only learn to work as a team but learn character chemistry and learn to adapt your play style to fit the situation.
  • Most First-Person Shooter titles have 3 units, a machine gunner, a rifleman and a sniper. There is not a ton of variety with the games but Overwatch has very unique characters that all play differently. A character like Torbjorn is helpful on defense but is ass on offense.
  • Instead of the game going for a realistic art style, the game is almost cartoonish and I like that. It almost looks like its a slightly more adult Disney Pixar art style.


  • Blizzard is adding more modes to the game but its still lacking a lot of content. Not to mention, there really isn’t any single player and the game is useless unless you have PlayStation Plus.
  • This is a bit of a stretch but its a First-Person shooter, I’m not a huge fan of the genre so although it is a great game, I can’t put it any higher.

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