I can’t believe 2016 is almost over, its been a crazy year but I can honestly say that its been a good year for me. Looking back, I really think this was a pretty good year for video games. With that being said, its time to start the new yearly tradition, Top 10 Games of the Year. I have decided to split it up into 4 separate posts because I didn’t want 1 post to be too long. So the first post will be games 10-8, second post will be games 7-5, third post will be 4-2 and the game of the year will get its own post.


10). Pokken Tournament

It finally happened, this was something that people (myself included) have been wanting for a very long time. A Pokemon game where you could simulate the battles just like the TV show or movies.


  • The game looks great, this is the best Pokemon has ever looked in any form of media.
  • The Online is incredible. Finds matches fast and even though the game is all on wifi, I rarely deal with lag.
  • It was surprisingly fun.


  • The game ended up being a zoning heavy game. There really much of a “Neutral” or footsies, its primarily zoning with exception of a few characters
  • Although its a fun game, its hard to take it seriously as a fighting game. It almost feels like its a party game.

9). Far Cry Primal

What is there to say? It’s a game about Cavemen. I really like this time period, its not about the Cavemen. I don’t find Cavemen very interesting but I love this time period for Animals. Woolly Mammoths, Sabre Tooth Tigers,  Giant Bears, Giant Sloths, Dire Wolves, I could go on and on.


  • When it comes to Evolution/Animal History,  this is my favorite time period.
  • The gameplay was refreshingly different. How many games out there allow you to beat a man to death with a club?
  • The game not only has the wild beasts but you can tame them. Use them in battle, let them kill people for you or ride them.  Finally got to check off the life long dream of wanting to ride a Saber Tooth Tiger.


  • Its a recycled map from Far Cry 4. Not much to say, its just kind of lazy by Ubisoft
  • Virtually no story which is a disappointment because Far Cry 4 didn’t necessarily have the best story but the characters in 4 are so well written and developed. It just doesn’t happen in Primal. Its hard to really care about anyone in the game because they’re all so bland and uninteresting.

8). Pokemon Sun/Moon

I have already written all about this game. If you’re curious and want to see, click here. I’m just going to quickly summarize my feelings for this.


  • Its a Pokemon game. I know that sounds stupid but the gameplay is Pokemon and Pokemon games are just fun. Leveling up and evolving Pokemon, going through bosses and eventually beating the game.
  • With new Pokemon games, the most important new aspect are the new Pokemon. With the exception of a rare few, the new Pokemon top notch and well designed.
  • No more HM’s (Thank the Heavens!)


  • Unskippable Cut scenes. This is normally not a big issue because I don’t like to skip through cut scenes but if they’re uninteresting and unskippable thats not a great recipe.
  • I know this is an unpopular opinion but I didn’t care for the story.

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