Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 had 50 characters in the game so my dream roster is going to include 50 characters as well. I do not expect the game to have 50 characters at the start and I would say its much more realistic to expect some where between 30 and 40 characters.

There are rumors that the mutants will not be in the game and there are rumors that they won’t be in the game. The same can be said about Fantastic Four members so my list is going to assume that they will not be in the game.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 roster was the following:

Capcom 1 Capcom 2 Marvel 1 Marvel 2
Akuma Morrigan Captain America Phoenix
Amaterasu Nemisis Deadpool Rocket Racoon
Arthur Phoenix Wright Doctor Doom Sentinel
Chris Ryu Doctor Strange She-Hulk
Chun-Li Spencer Dormammu Shuma-Gorath
Crimson Viper Strider Hiryu Ghost Rider Spiderman
Dante Trish Hawkeye Storm
Felicia Tron Bonne Hulk Super-Skrull
Firebrand Vergil Iron Fist Taskmaster
Frank West Viewtiful Joe Iron Man Thor
Haggar Wesker M.O.D.O.K Wolverine
Hsien-Ko Zero Magneto X-23
Jill Valentine Nova


My list has 15 characters returning from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3:

No. Character Game Franchise
1 Akuma Street Fighter
2 Chris Redfield Resident Evil
3 Chun Li Street Fighter
4 Dante Devil May Cry
5 Frank West Dead Rising
6 Felicia Darkstalkers
7 Haggar Final Fight
8 Jill Valentine Resident Evil
9 Morrigan (Confirmed) Darkstalkers
10 Ryu (Confirmed) Street Fighter
11 Nathan Spencer Bionic Commando
12 Strider Hiryu Strider
13 Viewtiful Joe Viewtiful Joe
14 Wesker Resident Evil
15 Vergil Devil May Cry


That means there are 10 slots for new characters, some are returning from Marvel vs Capcom 2 and then there are others that are brand new to the series.

No. Character Game Franchise
16 Baby Bonnie Hood Darkstalkers
17 Hayato Nekketsu Rival Schools
18 John Talbain Darkstalkers
19 Leo Red Earth
20 Mega Man X (Confirmed) Mega Man
21 Monster Hunter Monster Monster Hunter
22 Poison Street Fighter
23 Queen Bee Darkstalkers
24 Rainbow Mika Street Fighter
25 Rashid Street Fighter


As I said earlier, I am assuming that Mutants or Fantastic Four members. I am also assuming Marvel is going to want characters that are in their Marvel cinematic universe so that doesn’t leave a lot of returning members from Marvel 3. So in total, only 11 are returning.

No. Character Marvel Franchise
1 Captain America (Confirmed) Avengers
2 Doctor Strange Doctor Strange
3 Dormammu Doctor Strange
4 Hawkeye Avengers
5 Hulk Avengers
6 Iron Fist Netflix TV Series
7 Iron Man (Confirmed) Avengers
8 Nova Nova
9 Rocket Raccoon Guardians of the Galaxy
10 Spiderman Spiderman
11 Thor Avengers


That opens the door for 14 new characters and not a single one of them was in Marvel vs Capcom 2 so its 14 new characters to the franchise.

No. Character Marvel Franchise
12 Ant-Man Ant-Man
13 Black Panther Avengers
14 Black Widow Avengers
15 Captain Marvel (Confirmed) Captain Marvel
16 Daredevil Netflix TV Series
17 Falcon Captain America
18 Groot Guardians of the Galaxy
19 Jessica Jones Netflix TV Series
20 Loki Thor
21 Luke Cage Netflix TV Series
22 Scarlet Witch Avengers
23 Thanos Guardians of the Galaxy
24 Vision Avengers
25 Winter Soldier Captain America

This is not really a post with a lot of content but I enjoy sitting down and thinking about who I would like to see in these video games. So thats my list, thats 50 characters that I would like to see in the new game thats coming out in 2017. Let me know, did I miss anyone you would like to see? Let me know, I would love to have a conversation about it in the comments section below.

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