Changes to the Blog

I know I haven’t been posting too much (or at all) the last few weeks and I’ve been kind of getting burnt out from playing a game, coming on and here and doing a short little write up about the game. For a while now, I’ve been wanting to do other things as well. It will all be related to video games but I want to expand and do more than just write about games that I’ve played.

Lately it just feels like I’ve been phoning it in and have kind of lost interest for the last few weeks. So hopefully the changes I do make will bring more quality to each and every post.

Game Reviews

I still plan on doing game reviews but not as frequently and only for games that I really want to sit down and talk about. I also plan on moving away from asking, basic questions and moving onto of an article based review. The basic formula of asking questions and simply answering them worked well but I’ve been wanting to move away from that style for a few months now.

What I’m really looking for is, less but much more quality posts in regards to game reviews. So what I’ve been thinking and have decided that I’m going to do a “Game of the Month.” That way, it will only be twelve a year and that way I won’t get too burn out from doing it.

I still want to quickly talk about all the games that I do play so i think the best option for that is create a monthly sticky post that I update regularly and I briefly talk about every that I play.

Video Game New,Announcements &Rumors

I don’t want to who leaks out rumors or just focus on reposting these rumors that you readers already are aware of. Obviously, I don’t have any specials ins with the gaming community so rather than just state what the facts are about rumors. I want to talk about what these rumors could mean and then also, talk my opinions of whats being talked about.

In regards to game announcements, very similar to rumors. I don’t want to repost things that everyone already knows. I would rather talk about my opinion of what these announcements mean. Maybe I have hesitations towards the announcement or maybe I really excited and I want to talk about what direction I would like to see the game take.

Fighting Game Community

One of my favorite video game genres is and although I am not big name or even a known person in the Fighting Game Community, I do regularly play games online, I occasionally go to Tournaments and I’m almost always  watching a tournament on twitch (when there is one). I like making crazy predictions and so I’ll probably do that. I also want to talk about whats happening at the events (who is winning, who did poorly) and also discuss top 8’s.

I will only be talking about games that I follow directly and I will only be talking about events that I actually sat down and was able to watch. So SMASH tournaments and even most anime games will likely be covered because I don’t have interest in those games so I wouldn’t know what to say anyways.

Changes to the Website

With all of these changes that I have been talking about, I’m going to have to do a bit of an overhaul of the website itself. So I’m not going to be posting too much in the next couple days because I’m going to be taking a look at the website and trying to figure out the best way to make my dreams for the site a reality.

If you have been keeping an eye on my terrible blog, I do want to thank you because up until this point, I think its been pretty bad. This is my first blog so there is some trial and error and I’m going to keep trying new things until I find a good harmony.






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