Capcom Cup 2016 Prediction

To simplify what the Capcom Cup is, its essentially the playoffs for Street Fighter (in prior years the event did include other Capcom titles). There is a Street Fighter season that includes 49 tournaments all across the world and players compete in these tournaments for points so that way the player could qualify for the event.

stage_ring_of_destinyThis is the fourth year for the tournament and Since Street Fighter V just came out earlier this year in 2016, this of course means this season has included a brand new game for the Season.

32 players qualify for the event and unfortunately 3 players had to drop out for various reasons but what you have with this tournament is the 32 best players on the planet, competing against one another for a cash prize of over $200,000.

I thought it would be fun to post my predictions for the event:

Placement Player
25 Human Bomb
25 Brolyinho
25 Chris Tatarian
25 Problem X
25 DR Ray
25 Ricki Ortiz
25 Filipino Champ
25 Ryan Hart
17 Luffy
17 Sako
17 XsK Samurai
17 Mister Crimson
17 Eita
17 Xian
17 K-Brad
17 Kazunoko
13 Daigo
13 Julio
13 Yukadon
13 JWong
9 Phenom
9 Infilitration
9 Haitani
9 Mago
7 Go-1
7 Gamerbee
5 Fuudo
4 Xiaohai
3 Nuckle Du
2 Tokido
1 Momochi

momichi-1Yes, you read that correctly. I think Momochi is going to win the tournament.

As the meta is developling its changing over from crazy rush down pressure and pressure on wake up to a much more turtley/footsie game.

Take a character like Ken who is suppose to be more of a pressure based character but Momochi plays him more like a defensive Ryu. What makes it so dangerous is Ken is the most explosive character in the game. So Momochi can sit back and then explode, take 40-50% in one sequence and then back off again.

Him constantly turning it off and on again, makes it hard to adjust in the middle of a round. So if a player plays offensive towards him, his defense takes over and he’s one of the best defensive players in the world. If you sit back and play defensive, he’ll get in and pressuring with Ken is one of the most intimidating things you can experience and eventually you will break.

Couple that with his experience on the main stage and you have the Street Fighters most dangerous player. Thats why I think he will win.


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