Game: Crawl

Year: 2014

System: PC (Steam)

What kind of party game?

Its a 4 player dungeon crawler.

Was it fun?

Yes, I love this game. I think its one of my favorite Early Access games on Steam.

If you’ve never heard of this game, basically you have 4 characters on the screen. You can have 4 friends come over and play or you can play by yourself against 3 computers. In the game there is 1 hero and the other 3 are monsters. The hero wants to level himself up and not die, as soon as he levels up to level 10. He can then fight the final boss and win the game. The monsters goal is to get the hero down to 0 HP and most importantly get the last hit. The last hit is important because whomever got the last hit, they become the hero. At the same time, the former hero now turns into a monster. While the Hero is leveling himself up, the monsters are collecting something called “Wrath.” You can spend your “Wrath” on upgraded and more powerful monster units.

Throughout a game, you will multiple switches of heroes and monsters and early on you want to mix between the 2. So you’re leveling up both at the same time. Lastly, I mentioned the final boss. Now the 3 people who are the monsters become the final boss and their job is to work together to stop the hero.

Are there any similar games?

No, this is actually the only Dungeon Crawler game that I have played.

Would you play it again?

Yes, I always want to play Crawl.

Any complaints?

Initially my biggest complaint was that the games went too fast. By the time you leveled up your monster, the game was over. But the creators seemed to update that and now it feels like its a lot longer and I prefer that.

How would you rate it and why?


What I like about this game is, no matter your skill level. You’re never fully punished for being bad. If you are bad at the game and stay a monster the whole time, its not a big deal. Now you have powerful monsters and most importantly you have had the chance to play the whole time. A big reason I don’t like Super Smash Bros. is because their is too big of a skill differential between my friends and I. What ends up happening is I get knocked out in 2 minutes and then I watch them for the next 7-8 minutes. This game, you’re always playing and participating. Therefore getting better too.


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