Game: Batman Arkham City

Year: 2011

System: PS4

What Kind of Adventure?

Its an Action-Adventure game.

Was it fun?

Yes, this was my favorite of the Arkham series games.

Are there any similar games?

The combat system is very similar to Shadow of Mordor and also it feels like a more refined and better polished Arkham Asylum.

What did you think of the story?

The Penguin plays a much larger role in the overall story but unfortunately it revolves around the Joker doing stuff and you have to stop him. Its not a terrible story or anything, I’m just kind of getting sick of Joker always being synonymous with Batman. I get that the Joker is Batman’s most iconic villain but you can make a Batman game without the Joker.

Favorite Character?

Right at the start of the game you actually start out as someone other than Batman. You get to play as Catwoman and let me just say that I loved playing as her. Especially in the combat sequences, she just had more mobility so I could get even higher combo strings. Not to mention, I really did like the slow motion “combo ending” cut scenes.  But if you were in Gotham, going from point A to Point B, I preferred to be Batman. With him being able to glide around the city, it was just a faster way to move around.

Would you play it again?

Out of the 3 Batman Arkham games I have played so far, this has the most replayability but probably no.

Any Complaints?

First and foremost, why did they take the time to make Robin (or Nightwing) and only have him in 5 seconds of the story. I was so excited when I first saw him because I thought he would be a playable character but he was only in the story for that 1, 5 second sequence. Now I do know there is DLC with him available but still, it was disappointing and I would have preferred him not to be in the game at all.

How many hours did you play it?

10 hours at the most.

How would you rate it and why?


This is a fun experience, I really enjoy the combat and building up these huge combo strings and its one of the few games that I actually enjoy the stealth. For me, the story is nothing special but its good enough. I played this game via PS4 in the “Batman: Return to Arkham” bundle. It has both Arkham Asylum and City. If you haven’t played any of the Arkham games, I would recommend picking this game bundle up.Its 2 solid games in 1.

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