EVE: Valkyrie

Game: EVE: Valkyrie

Year: 2016

System: PS4 VR

Was it fun?

I didn’t enjoy this game as much. Granted I didn’t play it much but it was giving me motion sickness.

Are there any similar games?

Its basically flight simulator so I’m sure there a lot out there like this.

Would you play it again?

No, its nothing personal against the game. Multiple of us played it and no one else complained about motion sickness other than me so its clearly something with me.

Any Complaints?

Just the motion sickness thing.

How many hours did you play it?

Less than an hour, I just couldn’t do it.

How would you rate it and why?


Its not a bad game and I would say that everyone should try it. It looks really cool, when playing it and looking down and seeing your characters body. Its a weird feeling, I just don’t think the game is for me.


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