Game: NHL 17

Year: 2016

System: PS4

What sport is it?

Its a hockey game.

Was it fun?

No, huge disappointment.

Are there any similar games?

Yea, its like the other hockey games

Would you play it again?

I keep trying to play it and like it but I just don’t.

Any complaints?

Yes, I hate the skating engine in the game. Its like you’re skating in molasses, you can’t stop easily, it takes way too long to initially get moving and good luck turning.

Now onto my next complaint, the passing. The passing engine doesn’t work well either. If you’re lucky, 70% of the passes go to the right person. Sometimes the passing, locks onto the wrong player and sometimes and does its own thing. What annoys me is that, I have turn assist off but its still obvious that it is still on.

Finally, I hate the momentum based system. It makes come backs very difficult. A lot of fighting games have systems, to give the player a chance to come back with Marvel, “X” Factor or the V-Trigger system in Street Fighter V but with the NHL series, its difficult because you may not have given up but the players you’re controlling clearly have. They’re skating slower than before, they’re hitting their passes and often times the AI is just standing around and watching.

How would you rate it and why?


Its an improvement from last year and once again graphically, the game looks great. Unfortunately there are just a lot better games, this is a minimal effort game thats an easy cash grab. It sucks because hockey fans like myself have no choice but to play these rather bland EA games.

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