Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax

Game: Dengeki Bunko:  Fighting Climax

Year: 2014

System: PS3

Was it fun?

It was okay, a very simple and basic anime fighting game.

Are there any similar fighting games?

Its a very simplified version of BlazBlue, Guilty Gear and even a simpler Under Night In Birth.

Favorite character to use?

I liked 2 characters a lot but my favorite to use was Yukina. There is a joke with my friends that I always chose the Japanese school girl and yes she fits that bill but she had a spear and she could continue combos after a hard knock down. That’s why I liked using her.

Would you play it again?

Maybe but its never going to be my first choice.

Any complaints?

Yes its simple, auto combos are just Square, Square,Square, Square and Square. If you input that a 10 hit combo will come out for every character. It was fun for an hour but not enough depth to keep the game interesting for any more than that.

How would you rate it and why?


There isn’t much more that I can say about the game. Graphically it looked good, it controlled well but just a very simple game.


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