The Sims

Game: The Sims

Year: 2000

System: PC

What kind of game is it?

Life Simulator

Was it fun?

Yes, I loved playing this game as a kid. You  were able to be an adult, do adult things. Go on vacation, have a pet or date/marry your crush.

Are there any similar games?

At the time, I think this was a very unique game.

Would you play it again?

I think I would. I just had fun with it but man did I throw a lot of parties.

Any complaints?

No, I have nothing but really fond memories playing this game.It was a single player game but it was still fun playing with others. I played this game a lot with my sister.

How would you rate it and why?


This is a game that I played a lot in my childhood. I would say its a top 10 game from my childhood and I really can’t say too many bad things about the game. I never took it too seriously but that doesn’t matter. It was fun to play I would recommend this game to anyone.


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