Mario Kart Wii

Game: Mario Kart Wii

Year: 2008

System: Wii

What sport is it?


Was it fun?

Yes, I enjoy playing Mario Kart games. I didn’t get into this game much because I didn’t care for the motion controls. I know there are other ways to play but that fact alone pushed me away from this game.

Are there any similar games?

Its in the Mario Kart franchise.

Would you play it again?

At this point, no. I would much rather play the Wii U version. Its better graphics and I can use my pro-controller.

Any complaints?

Yes, I already talked about this but the controls. Nintendo, why push the motion controls on everything?

How would you rate it and why?


Its a well made game that was fun to play every once in awhile but this game didn’t pull me back in like I wanted it to. I really like the N64 version so this version is a disappointment to me. Luckily the franchise is starting to bounce back as the Wii U version was tremendous. My recommendation is to leave this one in the past and just play the new one.


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