Empire: Total War

Game: Empire: Total War

Year: 2009

System: PC (Steam)

What kind of game is it?

Historical Turn-Base Strategy Game

Was it fun?

Yes, I don’t think people liked it as much as Rome Total war but I really enjoy playing this game. The Naval battles are cool in theory but not a lot of fun to actually fight in.

Are there any similar games?

Civilization franchise.

Would you play it again?

Yes, I could see myself going through and replaying this game again this year.

Any complaints?

They made things a little bit more complex and I don’t think it works as well. Some times simpler is better and thats why I still like Rome Total War a little better.

How would you rate it and why?


If you’re a history nerd like myself then this is a fun game to play. This focuses on Europe in the 18th century. There is some America as well but its primarily a European game. Play it if you love history or if you’re a fan of turn-base strategy games.


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