Game: Tomb Raider (Definitive Edition)

Year: 2013

System: PS4

What Kind of Adventure?

Action-Adventure with leveling up elements.

Was it fun?

Yes, I enjoy action-adventure games with history wrapped up into the story. My favorite part of the game was the leveling up system. It wasn’t anything complex or new but I like games where you can level up. It gives side missions a little more purpose.

Are there any similar games?

Very similar to Uncharted. The big difference is, Uncharted has a better story and more likable characters. Tomb Raider, you get to use a bow and arrow, plus you level up Lara as well as her weapons.

Favorite Character?

Other than Lara, I thought the Character development was rather weak. It was interesting seeing Lara into the Tomb Raider.

Would you play it again?

After I beat the game, I spent a few hours running around doing side missions and unlocking trophies. I don’t see myself playing this again but it was an enjoyable run through.

Any Complaints?

The story was a little lacking but the creators made up for it with great game play.

How would you rate it and why?


Its hard not to compare this game to Uncharted. This is basically Uncharted with a bow and arrow. If you like Uncharted then playing Tomb Raider is a must. If you like old school Tomb Raider then maybe this game isn’t for you. But to me, its a very enjoyable experience.

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