NHL 10

Game: NHL 10

Year: 2009

System: PS3

What sport is it?


Was it fun?

Yes its a fun game. Especially if you’re an avid hockey fan like myself.

Are there any similar games?

The NHL 2K series

Would you play it again?

This is another game that I played a ton of. Probably at least 1000 hours that year. I remember not liking the game for quite awhile but it slowly grew on me. Its great standalone game but my hope was that the next years one would be better.

Any complaints?

The big complaint about this game was the introduction of the fighting engine, I did not like the first person view.

How would you rate it and why?


They made a few great improvements from the previous year but at the same time, this is where they started to make changes to the gameplay that hurt the franchise as well. The big plus was the crowd, interactions. I felt like a more realistic game but they also started to introduce momentum engine. In my opinion the momentum engine is what killed this franchise and yes I know the game isn’t dead but its not great reviews and this is a huge reason why.


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