Game: Mario Kart 8

Year: 2014

System: Wii U

What sport is it?

Its a racing game.

Was it fun?

This is my second favorite Mario Kart game. Graphically it looks incredible, its fun to play and the tracks are well designed.

Are there any similar games?

The Mario Kart series is in its own category.

Would you play it again?

Yes, i really enjoy playing this game but unfortunately the online isn’t that much fun and so to me this is a local player game.

Any complaints?

Yeah, this game is not fun unless you’re playing with other people. Don’t get me wrong, its a great local multiplayer game but a very boring single player experience.

How would you rate it and why?


Mario Kart is a kart racing game, where you compete against others and you just go around a track. The difference between this game and other racing games is the fact that you can sabotage other players with items. The reason why its only fun with friends is because its fun to screw them over. Its never fun to screw over a computer because they don’t know or care. This is a have to buy if you own a Wii U.

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