3 ON 3 NHL Arcade

Game: 3 ON 3 NHL Arcade

Year: 2009

System: PS3

What sport is it?


Was it fun?

Yes, this is a hockey game that I have fond memories playing. Its stupid fun, don’t take it too seriously and just have fun playing it.

Are there any similar games?

I have played a lot of hockey games in my life but this one is unique. Theres power ups and the players are in chibi form. Its just a fun unique hockey game.

Would you play it again?

I would with friends, its not overly fun alone but with other people. I very much enjoy playing this game.

Any complaints?

Not really, this is a well made game. This game was made to compliment NHL 09. NHL 09 was made to be the serious game and the much more in depth game. This was made to just be fun and it goes out and does just that.

How would you rate it and why?


This isn’t a game thats meant to take too seriously but if you’re not big into hockey or sports games this may be the game for you. Its perfectly made, I like the graphics the power ups are cool but not broken, it controls well and most importantly. Its fun for everyone. My recommendation is give the game a try and I guarantee you’ll end up having fun.


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