Spyro: The Dragon

Game: Spyro: The Dragon

Year: 1998

System: PS1

What Kind of Adventure?

Its a platforming adventure game.

Was it fun?

Spyro was the first playstation 1 game, it was fun when I first got it and its fun now.

Are there any similar games?

Maybe a game like Ape Escape but in my opinion its a lot better than ape escape.

Favorite Character?

They didn’t really introduce a lot of other characters in this game, this was game that revolved around Spyro.

Would you play it again?

Yeah, about once a year, I go back and replay the Spyro series. The sad thing is that I never actually finished the game. Maybe this year will be the first time.

Any Complaints?

No, I don’t think its as good as a couple other Spyro games but without this game, those wouldn’t have happened so I think its a good game.

How many hours did you play it?

How would you rate it and why?

I hate to do it but I just don’t think it aged overly that well graphically and as I keep saying, its a fairly simple game that doesn’t really stray away from its formula. Its a good game but there are better Spyro games. How ever if you have never played a Spyro game, I recommend to start with the beginning, see if you like and if you do. Then you’ll love the other 2 PS1 Spyro games.



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