Mario tennis 64

Game: Mario Tennis 64

Year: 2000

System: N64

What sport is it?

Tennis Sports Game

Was it fun?

Yes, its somewhat fun. I enjoy playing on the Bowser tennis stage but it has to be against another human. I can’t play this game against computers, I lose interest very quickly if I’m playing alone.

Are there any similar games?

Other than Wii Sports, this is the only Tennis game, I have played.

Would you play it again?

Yes, if my friends ever ask to play this game. I would, its a fun game to play.

Any complaints?

Nothing particular to this game, just that like most sports games. Playing against the computer just isn’t fun.

How would you rate it and why?


Its a well made Tennis game, that not only allows you to play tennis but also puts its own Mario stamp on tennis with the Bowser stage. It controls well, for a game made in the 90’s. The graphics are great and its a fun game. I would still recommend this game to anyone thats looking for a simple/fun game to play with friends.


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