Ape Escape

Game: Ape Escape

Year: 1999

System: PS1

What Kind of Adventure?

Its a PlayStation platformer

Was it fun?

I know people are not going to like this but no, I didn’t find this game fun. I didn’t like it as a kid and I don’t like it as an adult.

Are there any similar games?

Its kind of like a worse made Spyro.

Favorite Character?

I liked the Monkeys but I like the animal monkeys. So I guess the Monkeys?

Would you play it again?

I’ve tried to like this game but it just does pull me in and interest me. When it comes to platformers I either love them or don’t like them. Very little in between.

Any Complaints?

I didn’t like the controls as a kid (keep in mind this game transformed gaming controls) and as an adult, the story isn’t interesting and the graphics are kind bleh.

How many hours did you play it?

I don’t know how many hours I played it as a kid but as an adult, about 3 hours and then I just stopped.

How would you rate it and why?


This is a game that a lot of people view as a classic and have a lot of nostalgia when they think about it. I don’t have that feeling and when I played this as a 25 year old who has been playing video games for 20+ years. This game compared to others, I can’t say its a good game.


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