Wheel of Fortune

Game: Wheel of Fortune

Year: 1997

System: N64

What kind of party game?

Its a party game based on a game show.

Was it fun?

I use to play this regularly with my sister growing up. Its well made and it plays just like the show. I really enjoy playing Wheel of Fortune games and this is really good for its time.

Are there any similar games?

Get any Game Show video game and its going to be like this.

Would you play it again?

I played it recently and the puzzles are not that outdated and I don’t recall any puzzles repeating. I’m sure they have but its been so many years that I don’t remember.

Any complaints?

Not really, if you buy a Wheel of Fortune game, you know what you’re getting. It plays like you would want it to and I think the game creators did a great job.

How would you rate it and why?


I know nostalgia is playing a huge role in this rating but I still think its a fun game to play today. I have no major complains other than the fact that its another gimmick game that you want to spread out the gameplays.


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