Game: Stikbold

Year: 2016

System: Steam (PC)

What kind of party game?

I would say its like a sports/party game.

Was it fun?

I had fun for a couple hours but much more than that would have gotten boring an repetitive.

Are there any similar games?

I have played other games with dodge ball in the game but this is specifically a dodge ball game and that makes it some what unique.

Would you play it again?

Maybe in 6 months or so for a couple hours again.

Any complaints?

Its a gimmicky game, its fun in short spurts but can’t say anything other than that.

How would you rate it and why?


As I said before this is a fun game in small doses. Its a dodge ball party where you just throw dodge balls at each other and try to knock out the other team. There are shenanigans (that are stage dependent) but when you’re out you can still take out or hinder other players that are still in the game. In one of the stages, you become a shark and you can eat a person, in another stage you can throw water balloons making the stage wet and slippery. My personal favorite is the gym stage where you can latch onto some one and you’re character says “I love you.”

I don’t think its a bad game but I don’t think its a good game either.


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