Game: NHL 16

Year: 2015

System: PS4

What sport is it?

Its a hockey game.

Was it fun?

I am a huge hockey fan so I enjoy hockey video games but this game was a bit of a disappointment. I bought the PS4 so I could specifically play this game but then I slowly started to realize that its not a great game.

Are there any similar games?

Eventually I am going to talk about all the hockey games that I owned over the years. Sadly this game was the first game that I owned on PS4 and its a huge let down.

Would you play it again?

Offline maybe but my friends have no interest in hockey so probably not.

Any complaints?

I hate the momentum in this game. The momentum is too strong, there are times where you are unbeatable, you can fight off hits and the puck can not be taken from you. Other times, every pass you make misses, every shot you take misses and your players will not go and retrieve the puck. Oh and all of this is in the span of 5 minutes, its a game that punishes you or rewards you for doing the same thing.

How would you rate it and why?


Its an entertaining game and I recommend it to anyone who is a big hockey fan but I do warn you to stay offline. The gameplay is most enjoyable as a local game with close friends.

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