Mario Party

Game: Mario Party

Year: 1999

System: N64

What kind of party game?

Its a board game.

Was it fun?

I am one of the biggest Mario Party fans you will meet but I don’t think the first one has aged well. Its very simple and there isn’t a lot to it. Don’t get me wrong, its a fun game but if there are others that are a lot better.

Are there any similar games?

Not really, I think Mario Party is pretty unique.

Would you play it again?

This iteration? Maybe.

Any complaints?

Its the first one so its very simple but don’t worry the Mario Party games do get better.

How would you rate it and why?


Its a okay game and its a game that you have to play with at least 2 other people. If you’re looking for a casual fun time where you can screw your friends over, I highly recommend this game series but not necessarily this game.



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