Bomberman Ultra

Game: Bomberman Ultra

Year: 2009

System: PS3

What kind of party game?


Was it fun?

Hard to say, it was interesting. I never played Bomberman as a kid much so to me its a very simple, average game that’s very linear.

Are there any similar games?

I played Bomberman 64 once, it reminded me of that.

Would you play it again?

No, it was kind of boring.

Any complaints?

I’m going to complain about the game but to me it wasn’t a terrible game. It just wasn’t a fun game.

How would you rate it and why?


A very average game that may hold peoples attention for an hour but I cant imagine it enjoyable much more than that. I know that I’m not writing a lot about this game but there isn’t a lot to write about. You have bombs and you try blow people up. If you enjoy screwing people over, you may actually enjoy this game.


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