Game: Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Year: 2013

System: PS4

What Kind of Adventure?


Was it fun?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The Lego games are well made and enjoyable. Its fun to sit back and bounce around play the stories and unlock characters.

Are there any similar games?

Pick any Lego game and its comparable.

Favorite Character?

Thats a tough question because I like Spiderman and Storm equally. They both had projectiles that worked very well and took out enemies not to mention they were both very useful characters. Spiderman with his web-slinging and Storm, she would throw out a gust of air that would exterminate flames and take out enemies.

Would you play it again?

Yes, I might go back and try to unlock more things.

Any Complaints?

Sometimes the prompts don’t show up on the screen when you’re playing so I would be in a situation and I try everything but nothing would work. I would then look it up online and what the person online did, is something that I tried and it didn’t work. Those kind of things do irritate me some, it’s just one of those things where if I do something, I would like it to work.

How many hours did you play it?

I played this for about 12 hours over the weekend. I’m at 20% completed so there is so much to do and if I wasn’t in this 52 game challenge, I would likely take a few more days unlock everything.

How would you rate it and why?


Traveler Tales have a formula and it works. The comedy is well done (those Brits often know what they’re doing), the game play is simple but it still gets you thinking. I played the first few levels with a friend and we would often have to kind run and around and try to figure out the puzzles. I plan on playing the second Marvel game and I hope its as good as this game.

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