Game: Super Mario Galaxy

Year: 2007

System: Wii

What Kind of Adventure?

Platforming Adventure

Was it fun?

No, it wasn’t. My friends were telling me how great this game was. So I borrowed it from one of them and at best I was content and mostly I was annoyed.

Are there any similar games?

It reminds me of a really poorly made, Super Mario 3D World.

Favorite Character?

No one.

Would you play it again?

I tried this game twice and I had to stop both times.

Any Complaints?

I didn’t like the controls on the game and although there aren’t a lot. There are enough motion controls to be annoying. I didn’t like all the gravity changes and going upside down and all the camera angle changes. There’s a lot about this game that didn’t work for me.

How many hours did you play it?

I played this game for about 4 hours. I gave it a fair chance and just didn’t like it. I know its a popular game and I legitimately tried to like it  but I just couldn’t.

How would you rate it and why?


They tried to make this a likable game but just failed in my opinion. I will not be recommending this game to people.

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