Game: Life Is Strange

Year: 2015

System: PS4

What Kind of Adventure?


Was it fun?

My friends and I have decided that every Sunday, we would get together and play graphic adventure game. So we played 1 episode a week of Life is Strange and we finally finished it up last night. Every week, I looked forward to this game and it was a very enjoyable story. So yes, I had a lot of fun playing this game.

Are there any similar games?

Its a point and click/graphic adventure game, the style is very similar to Game of Thrones.

Favorite Character?

With games like this (and even TV shows), the way I judge whether I like a character is I ask myself, “Could I see myself hanging out and being friends with any of these people?” The only character that I found remotely relatable to me was Warren. Max the main character seemed like a nice person but she wasn’t very relatable for me and pretty much everyone else in the game was  pretentious and unlikable.

Would you play it again?

I probably wouldn’t play this game again but I would be willing to watch someone else play the game and see the decisions that they make.

Any Complaints?

I didn’t care for the last episode. The first 4 episodes were full of character development and a great story line but the final episode felt like it was just going in circles and full of unnecessary fillers.

How would you rate it and why?


This is very well made game, a great story but the ending is a bit disappointing. I don’t want to ruin the ending but I can’t say that its the ending is too surprising. I recommend this game to anyone though, its a fun game that gets you thinking a little bit.

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