With the announcement of Pokemon Sun and Moon, I thought it would be fun to do a list of my top 10 favorite Pokemon. This isn’t a list of my favorite Pokemon to battle with or my favorite Pokemon designs. This list is about my favorite Pokemon for whatever reason.

I should also note that I’m a huge Pokemon fan but I played gen 1 as a kid and then I stopped playing Pokemon and then got back into it when “X” and “Y” came out. So I think of gen 1 Pokemon as gen 1 but everyone else is kind of merged together.  With that being said, here is my list:

375px-675PangoroNumber 10-Pangoro: Game freak decided to make a fighting panda bear? I was very excited about that. When I started using Pancham and then he evolved into Pangoro, I quickly found out that Pangoro not only looked cool but hit hard too. Sure he has a 4x weakness to the new typing  Fairy but he was still a very useful Pokemon throughout the story mode.  I know he’s not a very useful Pokemon in the meta-game but I don’t really care about that, he still looks cool and hits hard.

375px-473MamoswineNumber 9- Mamoswine: One thing you should know about me is that I love pre-history and prehistoric animals. I just think the time period between the Dinosaurs and humans is a really cool evolutionary period in the life cycle of earth. So a Mammoth (or maybe Mastodon) Pokemon is such a cool idea to me. Not to mention, he is very useful in the meta-game. He was on my first successful competitive team, helped with stealth rock and could taunted because of his ability oblivious.

375px-229HoundoomNumber 8- Houndoom: My favorite kind of animal is dogs. I know its kind of simple and stereotypical but I don’t care. I’m a big fan of dogs, he looks a lot like my dog Oliver and he’s a fire type which I do like a lot as well. I don’t really like his mega design but its still a great Pokemon that hits hard and is fast. I would say that Houndoom is the exact definition of a glass cannon, extremely fast, hits hard but can not take a hit. I would say that nasty plot is a must if you’re going to use him competitively though.

375px-392InfernapeNumber 7- Infernape: Yes another fire type. I really like fire types, I think their designs are usually very well done. Plus I really like monkeys so a fire/fighting type monkey is of course going to be high on my list. I like Infernape better than the others for most likely competitive reasons. He has helped me win several matches in the UU (Under-used) meta. He is a very useful Pokemon that can out speed most and with life orb, he can also take out most. He is one pokemon that I would love to see get a mega evolution.

250px-009BlastoiseNumber 6- Blastoise: Growing up, the most popular Pokemon that everyone talked about was Charizard. Especially with my sister, she was a huge Charizard fan. Of course with her being the older sibling, I couldn’t also be a big fan of Charizard so I went for the next best starter and that was Blastoise. I always chose Blastoise growing up and because of that, I grew a bond with Blastoise and he ended up being my favorite Pokemon growing up. Not to mention he could learn surf which was one of the most useful moves in generation 1.

375px-243RaikouNumber 5- Raikou: My favorite legendary Pokemon. I love the idea of Electric type Pokemon, they have electricity flowing through them, that just sounds so cool. The problem is, I don’t like most of their designs. I do really like Raikou’s design, I think it goes back to my love of prehistoric animals and that’s why Raikou’s sabre-tooth tiger design just sticks with me. Not to mention, I always think of Diego from Ice Age which is a favorite movie of mine growing up.

250px-059ArcanineNumber 4- Arcanine: I think most generation 1 players who were also dog lovers will say that Arcanine is one of their favorite Pokemon of all time. What’s there not to love? He looks like a big, happy, dopey Bernese Mountain dog. They’re just big and cuddly and not mention, Arcanine is also a very useful Pokemon. Since I played Pokemon Blue and my sister played Pokemon Red, she would always trade me an Arcanine but I would almost always have an Arcanine on my team to defeat the elite four.

250px-149DragoniteNumber 3- Dragonite: Growing up, I never had a Dragonite. I never had the patience to level up Dragonair to get a Dragonite. Competitively, I love using Dragonite. With his ability Multi-Scale, its almost a guarantee that you can get at least one Dragon Dance in. Which if you’ve ever faced a Dragonite, all it takes is one Dragon Dance and he is going to do some serious damage. He became a favorite of mine after he swept one of my friends teams. Its such a great feeling when you sweep a good friends team. I think my favorite part about him is, while he’s sweeping you. He has the dopiest smile on his face. Its just savage.

375px-195QuagsireNumber 2- Quagsire: The derpiest Pokemon out there. How can you look at this Pokemon and get angry?  He’s like the town idiot, you can’t help but like him. Not to mention he is so much fun to use competitively. People who don’t know about his ability Unaware will sit there Swords Dance and its not doing anything for them and if someone does know about his ability, you they know that Swords Dance is worthless so rather than try to set up a sweep they have to just try and wear Quagsire down. I think he is the ultimate underrated Pokemon.

375px-445GarchompNumber 1- Garchomp: Hands down my favorite Pokemon is Garchomp. Why? Because I love Dragon types, they’re so cool and they typically hit hard. Thats what Garchomp is, he’s fast, bulky and he hits extremely hard. His biggest weakness is another Garchomp which is why I think he’s the best Pokemon. Not only that but he looks so cool, he’s a Dragon/Ground type but looks like a land shark (He can also learn Surf?). Everything about this Pokemon screams power but sadly his Mega sucks because it makes him too slow.

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