Donkey Kong Country

Game: Donkey Kong Country

Year: 1994

System: Wii U

What Kind of Adventure?

Side Scrolling Platformer

To simply expalin the gameplay, you start at one end of the stage and move to the other side of the stage.

Was it fun?

Yes, I love the SNES Donkey Kong series. I have fond memories playing these as a kid and as an adult, I still love playing them.

Are there any similar games?

Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3.

Favorite Character?

Diddy Kong

Would you play it again?

I play it at least once a year so I think there is a ton of replay value with this game.

Any Complaints?

This game is really short. Yes part of the problem is that I’m pretty good at the game (I can beat it under an hour). So personally, I wish the game was a little longer and bosses were a little more challenging.

How would you rate it and why?


As I said, I love these games. This one specifically is a favorite game of all time.


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