I know I just did a Top 10 list that was inspired by Street Fighter but I had this idea for another one. Simply put, this list is 10 characters that I would like to see added to Street Fighter V. I tried to focus on characters that will bring something unique to the game. With that being said, lets just dive in…

Number 10- Maki Genryuasi5c11e6d149b38212fbbe4b271d88f5cd: She’s not a very common or popular Street Fighter character and she’s only been in Alpha 3 but I cant help but wonder what she would play like in Street Fighter V. Her play style is basically the female version of guy and I can’t help but think about how her mixture of agility and mobility. Not to mention her stick (which is like a nightstick), she could have some rekka’s and she maybe able to do some serious damage.

street-fighter-4-03cNumber 9- Crimson Viper: Her lack of HP has often times hurt C. Viper but that doesn’t mean shes a bad character. She’s just a bit of a glass cannon but I think in the right situation, the right game and the right player controlling her, she could be a top character. She’s a fast, rush down character that can be absolutely overwhelming. Its hard to say for sure but maybe SF V is the game where she can shine.

Eagle-sfa3max-bustNumber 8- Eagle: Once again he’s a character from Alpha 3 but he’s a character that brings a more unique fighting style to the game. His 2 sticks is more of an eskrima fighting style. If you remember in the previous weeks Top 10 list, Nightwing is my favorite fighting game character so possibly having a Street Fighter character similar to Nightwing would be a dream come true. Its highly unlikely he’d be too similar but I’ll take what I can get.


rose-s4Number 7- Rose: To start off I should say that I don’t play as Rose and I likely wouldn’t play as her if she was added to the roster. With that being said, I still would like to see her added to Street Fighter V. For the very simple reason that she is unique, I cannot think of anyone in the Street Fighter universe that fights similar to her. So I would love to see a lot of character variety in V and not to mention, I really like her character design. I think she is a great example of how to design a female character, she’s beautiful and not unnecessarily provocative.

80295c8fe953f3e6cebbb91a2fa7b132Number 6- Cody Travers: In my opinion, he was unfairly imprisoned but it does create one of the more “interesting” back stories of all the Street Fighter characters. Plus lets be honest here, his story of how he broke out of prison in Four is great. Cody was bored and wanted to get out and the prison guard didn’t care. Anyways, I should probably talk about his fighting style a little bit. Cody is a brawler, he throws rocks, stabs people with a knife, he is another one of these characters that brings a unique style to Street Fighter.

Akuma_sf4Number 5- Akuma: Now in this list so far, there is one common variable and thats uniqueness and bringing variety to SF V. So realistically speaking, Akuma is just another shoto character and is really not needed for the game but its Akuma. How is Akuma in Tekken and not going to be in Street Fighter V? It just doesn’t make sense, Akuma is an iconic character in Street Fighter and not having him in this game is like Chun-Li not being in a Street Fighter game. I can assure you that he will be joining the roster, its just shocking that he wasn’t initially in the game.

b129604b.jpg~c200Number 4- Mike Haggar: There is something about Haggar that I have always wanted to see him in a Street Fighter game. I know him from Ultimate Marvel 3, which I know he is initially from Final Fight but I think of him as the grappler in Marvel. One problem with Haggar is he may end up being a little to similar to Zangief with the SPD’s and the lariat. But Haggar does have his pipe that could give him some unique moves. All in all, he’s the only Final Fight character not to get a chance in a Street Fighter game and I think its time to change that.

sakura-sf4-artworkNumber 3- Sakura: Once again, sound the alarm for me being a humongous hypocrite. Another Shoto character is probably the last thing Street Fighter V needs but Sakura is my girl.  I don’t know what it is but she is the only Shoto character I like using, I’m not a fan of Ryu or Ken. She is much more a rush down shoto character and maybe she maybe a character that benefits more from a much faster game play that is SF V. This pick is pure, personal preference and I don’t see it helping out the game much at all.

a8c5b0639119b5465846e12c565ea429Number 2- Rolento: He is my character, I picked him up later in Ultra and it makes me sad to think about how I picked him up so late but I always had fun playing as him. To me is a perfect character that had a little bit of everything so you could adapt and you could change your fighting style against an opponent and find a way to win. That right there is why I think he would be great in SF V. Not to mention, there is no one like Rolento and that right there makes him a unique character for the game.

dudley-ssf4selectNumber 1- Dudley: I am not good with Dudley but I want to be. Is there a more fun rush down character in the Street Fighter universe? He has no kicks and he just punches the crap out of his opponents. When you think about SF V, you think about speed and how to me its going to benefit rush down characters and Dudley is the Street Fighter embodiment of rush down. Not just that but I love watching the pro player Smug play and can you imagine the combos he could pull of with Dudley in five. I am getting giddy just thinking about it.

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