I like Top 10 lists, I don’t know why I just enjoy reading them or watching them on youtube. So I figured why not incorporate those into my blog and have a weekly Top 10 segment. With Street Fighter V coming out this week, I thought it would be a fun to look at my Top 10 favorite Fighting Game characters.

The only rule for this list is that its favorite characters to use and their gameplay.

Number 10- Christie Montiero: She’s part of the Tekken universe. I first played as her in Tekken 5. She’s been in 3 games, I have played Tekkn 5, Tekken Tag 2 and Street Fighter X Tekken. I don’t play Tekken games too often, (its nothing against the game but my friends just aren’t huge Tekken players) but when I do, Christie was almost always on my Tekken Tag team.

Number 9- Sin Kiske: Guilty Gear is my one of my closest  friends favorite fighting games, So I played it. I’m not crazy about the game but I played it quite a bit and Sin was always my go to guy.

Number 8- Dudley: When I play Third Strike, Dudley is my guy. There is something fun about rushing down your opponent and punching the crap out of them in Third Strike or even in Street Fighter IV.

Number 7- Julia Chang (Jaycee): When I play Tekken, Julia is my main. As much as I like Christie,  Christie is often just part of the team. Julia is my go to gal. I prefer her charcter design in Tekken 5 over her charcter design in Tekken Tag 2.

Number 6- Sakura Kasugano: She’s the only shoto I like using in Street Fighter. I have played a lot of games with her, I know her moves she is always my fallback when playing Street Fighter. What I like about her is she has all tools that I can play whatever style I need to to get the win.

Number 5- Boone Jenet: I really like SNK games and my favorite SNK game is actually Garou: Mark of the Wolves. My only question is, why can’t she be in more SNK games? I know they had a ton of games and hundreds of characters but I would love to see her make a reappearance in a new SNK game.

Number 4- Hulk: The 2,3,4 slots I had a tough time with. I like the characters pretty much all equally so I had to chose which games I liked more. I like Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 a lot but I’m not very good at it. I like watching it more than playing it but when I do play it, Hulk is always on my team.

Number 3- Uriko: Primal Fury is an underrated game in my opinion. Sadly I don’t think they’ll ever make another one but if they do and if Uriko (I know its a lot of “Ifs”) but if it happens, Uriko will continue to be my girl. She’s fun to use, she’s quick and has great combo potential. Sadly her downside is that she doesn’t do enough damage.

Number 2-  Rolento F. Schuberg: If I’m playing Ultra Street Fighter, I’m playing as Rolento. I have played Ultra for 100+ hours and more than half of it is playing as Rolento. I’m a little sad to see Ultra go but I’m excited for something new.

Number 1- Nightwing: I played almost 1,000 matches in Injustice and over 800 of those matches I was Nightwing. Injustice is actually the game that got me into fighting games (well technicaclly its pokemon) but Injustice is the first fighting game that I bought. Nightwing is the first character that I learned combos with. Plus look at him, he looks like a cooler Batman.

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