Game: Infamous Second Son

Year: 2014

System: ps4

What Kind of Adventure?

Action-Adventure where you leveled up your abilities through a karma system.

Was it fun?

At first,. I didn’t enjoy the game. I hated having the smoke ability (its my least favorite of the 4) but then you meet Fetch and you obtain the Neon ability. What I liked about that is I could aim and actually gain good karma by shooting their legs.

Now the Karma is something I should explain, almost every action you make you choose between good and bad karma. Bad Karma is probably easier to go with, you obtain better abilities with Bad Karma but you’re a super hero in this game so being a selfish dick that I couldn’t relate to so I chose to go for Good Karma.

Are there any similar games?

I haven’t played anything that I could say its similar to. I’m sure its similar to the other Infamous games but I haven’t played any of them.

Favorite Character?

I liked the main Characters (Delsin) brother Reggie. Reggie was a stereotypical older brother who was a police officer. Overly protective and there wasn’t a lot of character development but I at least find him to be one of the more relatable characters in the game.

Would you play it again?

No, I enjoyed the game but nothing really stood out about this game that makes me want to play this again or even another infamous game.

Any Complaints?

The story was really weak, I thought it was very stereotypical and very predictable.

How would you rate it and why?


I liked two things about this game, one was the Karma system. I think thats a really cool and unique idea. The other was the tagging within the game, I don’t know but there was something about holding the controller side ways and using motion controls  to spray paint images. I worked really well and it just felt good. Its hard to explain but I really liked it.

Sadly I think this is a very forgettable game, in a couple months I likely won’t remember much about the game.

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