Game: Lego City Undercover

Year: 2013

System: Wii U

What Kind of Adventure?

This is an action-adventure that is similar to the other Lego Games. With that being said, it is a unique Lego game because this isn’t based off some third party content. This is Traveler Tales story so they decide to compile several different action movies, cop movies and private detective movies.

Was it fun?

It was an enjoyable game. As all Traveler Tale games, there is an element of humor. The one character Frank Honey is a bit childish (kids may find him funny) but I found him to be annoying at times.

Are there any similar games?

The other Lego games and comparable.

Favorite Character?

I liked the main character Chase McCain. He had several costumes that you would switch between. He was a civilian, cop, robber, fire fighter, construction worker, astronaut, farmer and miner. Of all the costumes, my favorite was Robber. It was the most useful, he could open up doors, open safes and he had a paint ball gun. You don’t get to shoot people with it (kids game) but it is useful.

Would you play it again?

Its not my game, I borrowed it from a friend. If it was mine, I may throw it in some weekend. Mess around with it and unlock a lot more. If you play this game to its fullest, you’re looking at a 60 hour game.

Any Complaints?

Its a fun game but I found it to drag a bit towards the end. I wouldn’t have minded if the main story was a little shorter.

How would you rate it and why?


Lego games are very enjoyable and its just a nice casual experience. After playing Shadow of Mordor and Uncharted 2. I needed a break from more difficult games and this game was perfect for that. As an adult gamer, it doesn’t take a lot effort to play these games and sometimes its just nice to sit back, relax and not think too hard.

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